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Emergency Services

tree removal after storm blew it over

When is a fallen tree or limb an Emergency?

Immediate Life Threat: If there is an immediate threat to life, please dial 911 for emergency assistance. Your safety is paramount.

Critical Property Situations: In cases where a tree or limb has fallen onto a structure, obstructed a road, or blocked your driveway, time is of the essence. Swift action can make all the difference in salvaging and protecting your property from water damage or structural collapse. It's crucial to address these situations promptly to ensure that emergency services can access your home without hindrance.

Inclement Weather

Preparing for Extreme Weather Events in Hampton Roads


The world has been witnessing record-breaking heat, leading to a surge in extreme weather events. Hampton Roads, in particular, is no stranger to the powerful forces of hurricane winds and, more recently, destructive tornadoes that have caused significant damage.

The Importance of Proactive Planning: In these widespread events, the demand for tree services often exceeds the available resources. It's crucial to be proactive and plan ahead, considering that our region is increasingly vulnerable to storm damage. By taking preemptive measures, you can better safeguard your property and ensure you're prepared for the challenges posed by these unprecedented weather conditions.

Image by Michael Jin

We Work With Insurance Companies

Property Responsibility for Tree Damage in Virginia

Legal Perspective: In the state of Virginia, the fiscal responsibility for tree damage on a person's property often falls on the owner of the property that the tree falls onto, rather than the property where the tree is rooted. This means that if your neighbor's tree extends into your yard, it becomes your responsibility to address the issue and have it removed to protect your property. Generally, the neighbor's insurance is not obligated to cover this cost.

Assistance during Emergencies: During emergencies when tree damage occurs, we are here to help. We gladly accept work from insurance companies, offering deferred payment options to assist homeowners in promptly resolving tree-related issues and protecting their properties.

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